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About Karl Kilbride

Team Kilbride have coached 9 World Champions, 10 British Champions, 5 English Champions, 5 North West Champions and have produced 9 Black Belts.

Karl started his Kickboxing career in 1986 aged 18. He had fights in full contact kick boxing, all kicks above waist, international rules- kick anywhere from the knee up, Thai boxing and boxing. During these fights he built up a excellent reputation and became North West, English, British and Intercontinental Kick Boxing Champion Karl has also won West Lancs/Cheshire ABA Boxing champ twice at two different weights and the North West ABA Boxing Champ. Karl has also recently recieved his 5th dan in kickboxing and his 2nd dan in thai boxing from the WKA.

He has fought and beat many top fighters from all over the world including

  • Fako Correa – French/World Champion
  • Edward Mcavella – South African/World Champion
  • Marco De Paula – Brazilian Champion
  • Jan Cree – Scottish Champion/World Champion
  • Steve Johnston – Welsh/British Champion

Karl has had the chance to be trained and train with some of the best in Europe and the World including Lance Lewis the British / World kickboxing Champion, Karl was with him in the British squad in South Africa. Jerome Lebanner the World Thai/kick boxing Champion and also fought alongside him twice a true K1 legend. Also Jamie Crowder who teaches Thai boxing in Renzo Gracys Gym in New York he is the US Nationals Thai boxing Champion and a very close friend, he visits Team Kilbride a few times a year from New York. Karl has trained with Lee Charles the World Kickboxing Champ who is currently training Carl Morgan who is British MMA Champion and good friend of Team Kilbride.

This is what Karl asks all his fighters to read if they’re serious about fighting.

If you think you’re beaten, YOU ARE. If you think you dare not, YOU DON’T. If you’d like to win, but think you can’t, YOU WON’T. If you doubt once, YOU’VE LOST. If you think you’re out-classed, YOU ARE. You’ve got to think high and rise, you’ve got be sure of yourself, before you can win a prize. Lifes battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can